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Town Clerk

Nancy Mello, Town Clerk

Deputy Town Clerk: Jeannie M. Veegh

Office: 401-625-6703  Fax: 401-625-6705

Please click on the ClerkBase logo below to be directed to the Town Charter, Code of Ordinances, and Town Council Agendas.

The Tiverton Town Clerk's office is the designated public records unit for the Town of Tiverton  Please follow this link for additional information regarding public records and opem meetings. 

Per the Town Charter, the Office of Town Clerk is established as follows:

Sec. 801. Town Clerk.

There shall be a non-partisan Town Clerk who shall be elected at the general election for a two (2) year term pursuant to the provisions of State Law and this Charter. The Town Clerk shall be the Clerk of the Town Council, Clerk of the Probate Court, Clerk of the Board of Canvassers, Clerk of the Municipal Court and the Recorder of Deeds.

(a) Duties and Responsibilities. It shall be the responsibility of the Town Clerk to make permanent record of all proceedings and certify by signature all actions of the aforesaid bodies, be custodian of the Town Seal and of official documents, contracts, and records of the town. In addition, the Town Clerk shall direct and supervise the recordings of deeds, mortgages, surveys, vital statistics, licenses, permits and other such records as shall by ordinance and law be required to be kept. The Town Clerk shall issue birth certificates, marriage licenses and such other licenses and permits as required by ordinance or law. The Town Clerk shall be responsible for receiving and making available to the public upon receipt resolutions and Budget Proposals for the Financial Town Referendum. Additionally, the Town Clerk shall print, advertise and distribute the docket and any qualified budget proposals or resolutions at least twenty (20) days prior to the Financial Town Referendum and shall preside over the Financial Town Hearing. The Town Clerk shall submit his or her budget in accordance with Section 301(a) of this Charter. The Town Clerk shall perform all other such duties as may be prescribed by this Charter or by law.

(b) Deputy Town Clerk. There shall be a Deputy Town Clerk assigned in accordance with contractual agreements (if applicable) and approved by the Town Council. When the Town Clerk is not available, the Deputy Town Clerk shall perform all the duties of the office of Town Clerk.