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Building Code Board of Appeals

Tiverton Building Code Board of Appeals - The Tiverton Building Code Board of Appeals shall consist of five (5) members appoint by the Town Administrator, with one member appointed for five (5) years, one for four (4) years, one for three (3) years, one for two (2) years and one to serve for one (1) year, or until his or her successor has been appointed. The board membership shall consist of the following five constituencies: one shall be an architect; two (2) shall be professional engineers; one shall be a builder or superintendent of construction; and one shall be a member of the general public. The Board shall annually elect its own Chair and Secretary. A member need not be a resident of the Town and may also be a member of a board of appeals of another municipality.


  • Donald Medeiros (P.E.), Chairperson
  • Douglas Denninger (Citizen)
  • (P.E.) - Vacant
  • Michael Zmich (Architect)
  • (Contractor) - Vacant