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Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the Town Council for three (3) year terms, staggered so that no more than three (3) terms expire in any one year. Vacancies shall be filled by the Town Council for the remainder of the unexpired term. The Conservation Commission shall annually elect a Chairperson and such other officers as they deem appropriate.

Duties and responsibilities. The Conservation Commission shall report to the Town Administrator and shall take an active role in all Town issues related to conservation. The Commission shall act as an advisory body to the Council and to all Town agencies on conservation matters. These include; Protection of surface water and groundwater including the watersheds of Stafford and Nonquit Ponds; compliance with the RI Freshwater Wetlands Act; monitoring of storm water runoff and other nonpoint source pollution; compliance with soil erosion and sedimentation control regulations; monitoring of RI and Town wastewater management regulations; monitoring of underground storage tanks; monitoring the environmental impact of the Town landfill and solid waste management; compliance with regulations that protect coastal areas including salt marshes, bogs and ponds; protection of other environmentally sensitive or unique areas, protection of agricultural resources, protection of air quality, protection of the rural integrity and scenic character of the Town including tree and woodland preservation.
SECTION 1003 of the Town Charter


Thomas Ramotowski, Chair - Term Expires 4/15/2020: E-mail Tom

Lizabeth Cottrell - Term Expires 4/15/2020

Constance Fleckenstein - Term Expires 4/15/2022

Richard Guimond - Term Expires 4/15/2021

Tom Molinski - Term Expires 4/15/2021

Brenda Mottram - Term Expires 4/15/2020 - Vice-Chair

One Vacancy

Patricia Sullivan - Associate Member