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Open Position - Planner : planner@tiverton.ri.gov

What is planning?

Planning helps a community envision its future. It does so by working with a number of stakeholders to find the right balance of new development, planning for essential services, and ensuring protection of the environment. A critical link exists between planning and economic development. An important goal of economic development is to expand the taxpayer base. This is not a fancy way of saying increasing taxes. To the contrary, expanding the taxpayer base is about creating more assets on the tax rolls to spread the cost of operation across more taxpaying entities. This expansion if done through industrial development (not residential) will result in more net income to Tiverton thus reducing the share of the burden currently on residential taxpayers.

One important objective towards expansion of the tax base relates to the marketing and development of the Tiverton Business Park. The park is comprised of 172 acres of land directly abutting Interstate Route 24 and within a Planned Development Park. Current activity includes the proposed development of an indoor recreational complex and outdoor hockey rink on ten acres of land off of Industrial Way. In addition, an international firm is interested in developing a bio gas facility on eight acres of land off Progress Road. This facility would use food waste to produce methane. In turn, the methane would create electricity for the grid.

As development takes place on these and other projects, this page will be updated to keep the residents of Tiverton informed. However, if you ever have any questions regarding the Planning Department, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at the number listed above.


Please see the Planning Board page for electronic copies of the Zoning Ordinance, Land Development and Subdivision Regulations, Tiverton Commercial Form-Based Code, Solar Ordinance; and all of the required documents for development review and approval, including Administrative Subdivisions, Minor Subdivisions, Major Subdivisions, Environmental Review Statements, and Commercial Site Plan/Design Plan Review.

Please see the Planning Board Page for more information HERE.

2018 Comprehensive Community Plan Adopted by the Town Council and Approved by the State of Rhode Island

Economic Development Real Estate Exemption

The Town of Tiverton offers a phase in tax on new commercial/industrial development - Details HERE and APPLICATION