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Denise G. Saurette, Treasurer : treasurer@tiverton.ri.gov
Office: 401-625-5323  Fax: 401-624-8640

Deborah Parent, Assistant Treasurer: dparent@tiverton.ri.gov
Jen Major, Payroll Coordinator: jmajor@tiverton.ri.gov
Accounts Payable:  AcctsPayable@tiverton.ri.gov

The Treasurer's office is responsible for the overall management of the Town's Funds, including but not limited to the General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, other agency funds and those held in trust.

Our office conducts all financial business transactions for the Town, including the receipt and disbursement of all cash, timely reporting and cash management.

We strive to ensure that the Town's finances are closely monitored and accurately reported in a timely manner.  The ultimate goal of this office is to ensure responsible accounting and transparency in reporting to the taxpayers.

Requests for financial information can be made via email.

Five Year Forecast - FY 2018 - 2023

Five Year Forecast - FY 2017 - 2022

Adopted Budget Survey - Fiscal Year 2018

Audit Report for FY2018

Audit Report for FY2017 - Single Audit for FY2017

Audit Report for FY2016 ; Single Audit for FY2016

Audit Report for FY2015 ; Single Audit for FY2015

Standard & Poor's Rating for Tiverton.  Standard & Poor's General Government Ratings Methodology.

Moody's Rating Notice - November 2015

Audit Report for FY2014   Single Audit Report 2014

Audit Report for FY2013

Audit Report for FY2012

Audit Report for FY2011

Audit Report for FY2010

Audit Report for FY2009

Quarterly Reports to the Division of Municipal Finance:

December 31, 2016

March 31, 2017

December 31,2017

March 31, 2018

March 31, 2019