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Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge Committee ~ The Stone Bridge Committee shall consist of representatives from interested town commissions, organizations, area businesses and area residents. The Stone Bridge Committee was created by a unanimous motion by the Town Council in 2003 as a sub-committee to the Town Council to investigate options to improve and formulate a plan to enhance and beautify the Stone Bridge abutment and park area. Stone Bridge Committee reports to the Town Administrator.

Chair: - - - -
DPW Director: Richard Rogers, Jr.
Planning Board Designee: 
Harbormaster: Tyler Loomis
Recreation Chair:
EDC Designee: Susan Gill, Leonard Schmidt
Harbor Commission Chair: Bruce Cox
Business Owner: Chee Laureanno
Public Members: Linda M. Jenkins, Harris Gruber
Town Council Liaison: Joan Chabot

Project Engineer: Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. ("VHB")
Landscape Architect: Gifford Design Group

Contact: Town Administrator: Paul McGreevy at 401-625-6710.

Stone Bridge Reimagined - Document by Roger Williams College

Historic Photos:

Current Area:
The photos below show the degradation of the bridge abutment and surrounding area.


Proposed Plan: The town has hired engineers from Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. to develop a plan to strengthen the abutment, create the top surface to be more pedestrian-friendly and reconfigure the parking and entrance to the adjacent Grinnell's Beach.