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Town Council Subcommittees

Stone Bridge Abutment Ad Hoc Subcommittee - Adopted on June 27, 2017

This committee is to provide oversight of the project, ensure that the project progresses in a appropriate and timely manner, and demand accountability with regard to the entities that the Town has contracted with to finance and complet the project.

Members:  Brett Pelletier, Peter A. Mello, David Vannier, David Saurette and the Town Administrator or his designee.

Casino Subcomittee - Adopted on February 27, 2017

The purpose of the Sub-Committee shall be to meet with legislators, state agencies and government officials, Twin River Casino representatives, the public and any other necessary person, group or committee involved in the proess of performing proper due dilgence now that the voters have approved a casion in Tiverton at the November 8, 2016 election.  The Sub-Committe will continue the diligence through the development process of the casino, including, but not limited to devloping a plan for the allocation of the gaming revnue from the casino, develoopment of the host community agreement, and any other issues deemed necessary regarding the casino.

Members of the Subcommittee:
Joan Chabot (thru August, 2017)
Denise de Medeiros
Randy Lebeau
Christine Ryan
Members of the Public -
Chris Roemlein
George Walsh
Carolyn Weiman
Rep. Jay Edwards

Final Report of Tiverton Casino Subcommittee to Town Council - presented to the Town Council at the December 11, 2017 meeting by Christine Ryan, Tiverton Town Council, Tiverton Casino Subcommittee:

1/3 Flec Model (Corrected) - Posted 2/28/2018
Flexible 4-Year Plan (NEW) - Posted 2/28/2017