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Planning Board

Susan Gill, Adminisrative Officer:
For General Inquiries: Planning Board E-Mail
Office: 401-625-6718

2017 Regular Meeting Schedule  -  2017 Special Meeting Schedule (if needed)

The Planning Board consists of nine (9) members appointed by the Town Council from among electors of the Town for a term of three (3) years. Said terms will be staggered so that no more than one third (1/3) will expire in any given year. No member of the Planning Board shall be an elected official or employee of the Town. Any member of the planning Board may be removed from office by the Council for due cause, following a public hearing. The Town Council shall appoint replacements to fill vacancies on the Board. The Board shall annually elect a Chairperson and such other officers as it may deem appropriate from among its membership.

Stuart Hardy, Chairman
Susan Gill, Vice Chairman
Melissa Hutchinson
Patricia Cote
Rosemary Eva
Carol A. Guimond
David Perry 
Peter Moniz
Brett N. Pelletier

Consultants: Steere Engineering

Duties & Responsibilities:  Per Article X - Section 1001 of the Tiverton Town Charter:  The Planning Board shall have the duties and responsibilities provided for in State law and such additional duties and responsibilities as may be prescribed by the Town Council not in conflict with the State law. The Planning Board shall act in an advisory capacity to the Town Council in all matters concerning the Comprehensive Community Plan, land use, Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, physical growth and development of the Town.

Meetings:  Please contact the Planning Board office at 625-6718 for meeting dates.  To appear before the Board, an agenda request must be completed and submitted to the Planning Board Office at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the scheduled meeting date for consideration and placement on the agenda.  In addition, all backup information must be submitted at that time.

Planning Board By-Laws

Planning Board Policies and Procedures

Important Documents

2009 Comprehensive Community Plan 

Zoning Ordinance

Land Development and Subdivision Regulations

Tiverton Commercial Form-Based Code

Planning Board Application Cover Sheet

Planning Board Agenda Request

Planing Board Time Clocks

Planing Board Fees - 2017-2018

Planning Board Consultant's Review Fees 2017-2018

Administrative Subdivision Check-List

Representation Form

Minor Subdivision Preliminary Plan Check-List

Minor Subdivision Final Plan Check-List

Site Analysis Map Check-List

Pre-Application/Informal Concept Plan Check-List

Major Subdivision Master Plan Check-List

Major Subdivision Preliminary Plan Check-List

Major Subdivision Final Plan Check-List

As-Built Drawing Check-List

Environmental Review Statement Check-List

Guidance on Locating Species of State Concern and Their Habitats

Commercial/Industrial Development Site Plan/Design Plan Review Check-List

Comprehensive Permit Application

Amended Construction Specifications – Land Development and Subdivision Regulations

As an introduction, the Tiverton Comprehensive Community Plan is a long-range guide to the physical development and preservation of the Town.

2017 Comp Plan - Planning Board Recommendation

Full Document  Appendix A   Appendix B   Appendix C   Appendix D  Hazard Mitigation Draft