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Tax Rolls & Levies


Please note that the Tax Rolls presented here are for Real Estate (RE) and Tangible Property (TPP) accounts only.  The Motor Vehicle Tax Rolls are availabe in Town Hall. The Tax Levies represent all property types.

2018 Tax Roll    2018 Tax Levy

The 2017 Tax Levy was AMENDED and broken into 2 separate Certifications due to the enactment of Article 11, which was passed by the State in August 2017.  Article 11 began the phase-out of the motor vehicle tax which nessesitated amending the 2017 Tax Levy to reflect the adjusted valuations on motor vehicles.  The phase-out reduced the excise tax part of the levy by $154,260.86.  You can learn more about Article 11 HERE.

2017 Tax Roll    2017 Tax Levy    2017 Real Estate & Tangible Property Levy   2017 Motor Vehicle Levy

2016 Tax Roll    2016 Tax Levy

2015 Tax Roll    2015 Tax Levy

2014 Tax Roll    2014 Tax Levy

2013 Tax Roll    2013 Tax Levy

2012 Tax Roll    2012 Tax Levy  

Beginning in 2012, the Starwood Tax Roll and Levy was combined with the regular Tax Roll. 

2011 Tax Roll    2011 Tax Levy      2011 Starwood Tax Roll    2011 SW Tax Levy

2010 Tax Roll    2010 Tax Levy      2010 Starwood Tax Roll    2010 SW Tax Levy

2009 Tax Roll    2009 Tax Levy      2009 Starwood Tax Roll    2009 SW Tax Levy

2008 and prior Tax Rolls Coming Soon

2008 Tax Levy    2008 SW Tax Levy

2007 Tax Levy    2007 SW Tax Levy

2006 Tax Levy    2006 SW Tax Levy

2005 Tax Levy    2005 SW Tax Levy

2004 Tax Levy    2004 SW Tax Levy

Beginning in 2004, a separate Tax Roll and Tax Levy was established for the Starwood Properties, also known as The Villages on Mount Hope Bay for accounting purposes.

2003 Tax Levy

2002 Tax Levy

2001 Tax Levy

2000 Tax Levy

1999 Tax Levy

1998 Tax Levy

1997 Tax Levy

1996 Tax Levy

1995 Tax Levy

1994 Tax Levy

1993 Tax Levy

1992 Tax Levy

1991 Tax Levy

1990 Tax Levy