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GIS & Maps

The Town of Tiverton through our vendor Main Street GIS, LLC, has created a GIS (Geographic Information System: explained HERE) website to assist town residents, developers, real estate professionals, and others in various research tasks. This GIS website provides data on property assessments, topography, soil types, wetlands, zoning, land use, etc.

The data available on the GIS website is a snapshot in time and may have been updated in the normal course of business and may not always represent the most current information. In addition, some of the data contained therein may have been compiled from third-party sources and the accuracy of that information cannot be confirmed.

To access our GIS DATA, please click HERE.

The Town of Tiverton has 142 Plat Maps which are available below.  A KEY Map can be found HERE

Plat Maps as of 12/31/2016 - May load slowly

In 2012 the Parcel Identification Numbers were changed from a Map/Block/Lot format to a simplied Plat/Lot format.  A conversion chart is available HERE.

Plat Maps as of 12/31/2005 (Uses former parcel ID numbering system)

Plat Maps as of 12/31/1990 - Updates from 1986 to 1990 with former parcel ID numbering system.