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The Town of Tiverton has several types of Exemptions available. There is an application process for each one.  Most of these applications are due by March 15 to Tax Assessor's Office.


Applications for all exemptions are available in the Tax Assessor's Office.

Veteran Exemption: You must have served honorably during the qualifying dates (see below) and/or have earned a Campaign Ribbon or Expeditionary Medal. Effective for 2019, this exemption will provide a $200.00 tax credit. The Veteran's unmarried widow(er) may continue to receive this exemption.

Qualifying Dates can be found HERE and HERE.

Gold Star Parent Exemption: Is given to a parent who lost a son or daughter while in service to their country.  Effective 2019, this exemption will provide for a $120 tax credit.

100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran Exemption: Effective 2019, this exemption will provide for a $400 tax credit.

Ex-Prisoner of War/Unmarried Widow(er) Exemption
: Effective 2019, this exemption will provide a $600 tax credit.

Merchant Marine Exemption: Effective 2019, this exemption will provide a $200 tax credit.

Tax Assessor David Robert and his staff sincerely thank all of our Veterans who have served our country.

Blind Exemption (Certified by RI Services for the Blind). Effective 2019, this exemption will provide a $300 tax credit.

Elderly Low Income Exemptions are income-based utilizing the Federal Poverty Guidelines. A tax credit ranging between $500 and $1,000 is provided depending on the household size and income.  For 2019, the income limits are:

In addition to the income limits outlined above, the applicant must have been a resident in the Town of Tiverton for a term no less than 3 years prior to the year in which the exemption is sought.  The applicant must be at least 65 years of age as of December 31st in the year immediately preceeding, and no income bearing commercial or mixed use properties qualify.

Contact the Tax Assessor's office for full details.

Link to Poverty Guidelines

Farm, Forest and Open Space Program (FFOS).

This program can provide qualifying land owners a considerable reduction on their land assessment(s).  The guidelines for the FFOS program are governed by the Divison of Environmental Management (DEM).  Property Owners wishing to apply for either the Farm or Forest programs must file an original application with DEM. The Open Space portion is handled by the Tax Assessor's Office. We urge you to read the guidelines to fully understand what program will work best for you. The Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District can provide additional assistance by following this LINK. In most instances, you will need to contact them for supporting documentation and signatures.

In order to recieve a reduction in your land assessment(s), an additional Tax Assessor application MUST be filed between December 1 and January 31. The type of additional application will vary depending on what program you qualify for. It is highly recommended that you personally visit the Tax Assessor's office between the posted dates to file out the proper form. No assessment (tax) reduction will be applied automatically upon DEM approval, you must fill out a local application as well.

For continued qualification, Yearly Affirmation Forms are mailed out to each participant in the program which must be signed and returned by January 31.

For 2018, the recommended assessed values are:


Ornamental Crops, including land devoted to floriculture, nursery, and turf production, as well as the land under greenhouses:  $1,955 per acre.

Vegetable and Orchards, including small fruits, potatoes, cranberries, and Christmas trees:  $650 per acre.

Dairy and Livestock, including forage crops, hay, silage corn/grain, and aquaculture:  $300 per acrea.

Forest and Wasteland on a farm:  $115 per acre.

A minimum of 5 acres of active farmland will be required in most cases.


All forest land:  $115 per acre.  Must have at least 10 acres excluding any homesite.

Open Space:

Recommended values for open space are 10%, 20%, or 30% of current assessments based on Fair Market Value, depending on which of the three categories of soil are present on the parcel.

10% - Soils with severe limitations 
20% - Soils with moderate limitations
30% - Soils with slight limitations

In the absence of a soil survey map provided by the landowner to the Tax Assessor, open space land will be assessed at 30% of the current assessment.  Parcel must contain at least 10 acres excluding any homesite.

Soil maps can be obtained from the Eastern Conservation District.

Withdrawal From Program:

If you withdraw enrolled parcels prior to the 15th year of classification, a Use Change Penalty Tax may apply.  Please follow this LINK for detailed information.

Economic Development Real Estate Exemption

The Town of Tiverton offers a phase in tax on new commercial/industrial development - Details HERE and APPLICATION

Residential Development Property Exemption

Per Rhode Island General Law, certain development property is eligible for a partial tax exemption.  To be qualified as "Development Property", please click HERE for details.  If you feel your property qualifies, please submit this APPLICATION.